Japan is racing to build up its armed forces

Japan is racing to build up its armed forces in the face of increased political and military assertiveness by China, even as it struggles to reconcile the nationalist ambitions of its prime minister with the demands of its pacifist constitution. In a defence white paper Shinzo Abe’s government spelt out its growing anxiety about China and the urgency of upgrading the Self-Defence Forces, as its army, navy and air force are called. It condemns Beijing’s almost daily dispatch of ships into areas around disputed islands that are controlled by Japan but claimed by the Chinese. Monica Gomez, the councillor responsible … Continue reading Japan is racing to build up its armed forces

A father and his three-year-old daughter

A father and his three-year-old daughter are fighting for their life after being found in a gas filled room by a “frantic” wife. Shaun Mate and his daughter Eloise were discovered unconscious inside the room on Thursday before the man’s wife called emergency services. Soon a whole row of skeletons emerged, exposed by the team of forensic pathologists who worked alongside the woman, scratching and brushing at the soil on a bank abutting a forest track near the ruined hamlet of Cerska, 17 miles northwest of Srebrenica. It was day one of work on the first of numerous suspected mass … Continue reading A father and his three-year-old daughter

Joe Biden has opened up

Joe Biden has opened up his biggest poll lead over Donald Trump since securing the nomination, with a new nationwide survey showing him with a 15-point advantage in the race for the White House. Registered voters back the former vice president over the incumbent 52 – 37 per cent, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released on Wednesday. The same poll one month ago gave Mr Biden a lead of eight points, 49 – 41 per cent. Monkey body parts, including tiny hands, can also be seen for sale at the sickening bazaars. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment … Continue reading Joe Biden has opened up

The European Union has decided

The European Union has decided to drop Serbia and Montenegro from its safe list of countries from which non-essential travel is allowed, and did not even discuss including the United States given its sharp rise in coronavirus cases, EU officials told Reuters. EU diplomats today approved a proposal from Germany, now holding the rotating EU presidency, to exclude non-EU Serbia and Montenegro because of spreading infections, officials said. There have been anti-government protests in Serbia, initially sparked by the announcement of a new coronavirus lockdown amid a surge in new cases. With the US currently on 3.43m cases of Covid-19 … Continue reading The European Union has decided

Turkey’s President Erdogan

Turkey’s President Erdogan has formally converted the world-famous Hagia Sophia back into a mosque and reopened it for worship as he drums up support for his Islamic-rooted party – sparking fury from Christian groups and the US.  The move came hours after Turkey’s highest administrative court issued a landmark ruling that unanimously annulled the 1934 cabinet decision to renovate the site into a museum.   There is growing evidence from Europe, the US and China that dirty air makes the impact of Covid-19 worse. But the study of the outbreak in the Netherlands is unique because the worst air pollution there … Continue reading Turkey’s President Erdogan

Protests involving tens of thousands of people

Protests involving tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Russia’s far east demanding the resignation of President Putin and the release of a jailed governor. Demonstrators in Khabarovsk, near the border with China, marched after Sergei Furgal was arrested last week to face murder charges in Moscow. Built 1,500 years  ago the world-famous site was originally a cathedral before becoming a mosque in 1453. In 1934  it became a museum and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Within hours of the ruling Erdogan had declared the Hagia Sophia open for Muslim worship and signed a decree handing … Continue reading Protests involving tens of thousands of people

A British air hostess locked up in a Dubai jail

A British air hostess locked up in a Dubai jail has been living off bread and water after being forced into a fake confession, her family claim. Derrin Crawford was arrested last Thursday after police raided her date’s apartment and found two cannabis joints. Beijing has threatened to jail anyone who dissents, expresses pro-independence sentiments or undermines the Chinese state in the former British colony or elsewhere. In response Britain extended an offer of residency and a pathway to citizenship to up to three million Hong Kong residents and their dependants with British National (Overseas) status. Scott Morrison, the Australian … Continue reading A British air hostess locked up in a Dubai jail

Bolivia‘s interim president says she has tested positive

Bolivia‘s interim president says she has tested positive for coronavirus.  Jeanine Anez Chavez tweeted the news on Thursday evening. A steep drop in reproduction rates have seen the number of European hamsters – which are different to the hamsters kept as domestic pets – plummet. On average through the 20th century, mums would give birth to 20 pups at a time, but this has now fallen to just five or six. He added that Australia was suspending its extradition treaty to prevent dissenters from being recalled to Hong Kong and charged and sentenced within China’s opaque justice system. Canada scrapped … Continue reading Bolivia‘s interim president says she has tested positive

A major research effort

A major research effort is under way to understand whether Covid-19 can spread through tiny airborne particles that are released by infected people and remain suspended in the air for hours. Scientists are working alongside sanitary engineers at the World Health Organization to investigate how tiny aerosols bearing the virus may be released into the environment; whether they are spread around rooms by air-conditioning units; and how infectious the particles may be. Key impeachment witness Alexander Vindman announced his retirement from the army by citing “intimidation” led by Mr Trump. ”The president of the United States attempted to force Lieutenant … Continue reading A major research effort

Dozens of Spanish beaches were forced to close

Dozens of Spanish beaches were forced to close yesterday after crowds of people flocked to the beach – as British tourists prepare to descend on the country again.    Nearly 30 Costa del Sol beaches had to turn visitors away at the busiest times of the day on Sunday in resorts including Benalmadena. Even before Covid-19, 2 million people died from zoonotic diseases every year, mostly in poorer countries. The coronavirus outbreak was highly predictable, the experts said. “[Covid-19] may be the worst, but it is not the first,” said the UN environment chief, Inger Andersen. The biggest economic costs fall … Continue reading Dozens of Spanish beaches were forced to close