Dozens of Spanish beaches were forced to close

Dozens of Spanish beaches were forced to close yesterday after crowds of people flocked to the beach – as British tourists prepare to descend on the country again.   

Nearly 30 Costa del Sol beaches had to turn visitors away at the busiest times of the day on Sunday in resorts including Benalmadena.

Even before Covid-19, 2 million people died from zoonotic diseases every year, mostly in poorer countries. The coronavirus outbreak was highly predictable, the experts said. “[Covid-19] may be the worst, but it is not the first,” said the UN environment chief, Inger Andersen.

The biggest economic costs fall on rich nations – $9tn (£7.2tn) for Covid-19 over two years, according to the IMF’s chief economist. This makes a very good case for investment in the countries where diseases emerge, the authors say.

He warned that should the crippling power cuts continue, the hospital would have just enough fuel to man the generators for the next three weeks.

The crisis at the hospital is part of the fallout of deteriorating economic conditions in the country, which is in the grips of an unprecedented financial crisis.

One of the girls in the round told DublinLive : “They were double drinks so not actually single shots together.

“They were double aftershocks and Red Bull thrown in with the odd few shots of baby Guinness. A personal favourite of ours and very tasty.”

Turkey, which is ideologically sympathetic to the Brotherhood, has emerged as the main backer of the GNA. Ankara has also been sending weaponry in return for agreements over developing oil and gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean.

The military build-up on either side is now focused on what could be the decisive battle of the civil war. Gaddafi’s birthplace Sirte, the major coastal city of central Libya, fell to Marshal Haftar’s forces in January as they besieged Tripoli, but the GNA and its Turkish backers are now determined to retake it.