5 in 1 Super News

Daily updated website with poems assembled from appropriated world news media content.

Poems created through a refined uncreative method leaving no space for personal bias or opinion.

A predefined algorithm based on a democratic principle that reflects the full political spectrum and can be performed by anyone.

A way of preserving a specific moment in the acellerating flow of information.

An aggregate composed from fully recycled, high quality material presented in a neat, balanced way and accompanied with unique imagery.

A result of genetic engineering in the realm of appropriated digital imagery.

Diffusion of daily news into the DNA of an image causing blurring, distorted contours, unexpected coloring and uncontrollable scenarios.

5 in 1 Super News is a poetic reaction to the overwhelming intensification of the info-flow, the consumption oriented logic of a multi-pack and the algorithmic method of aggregating content and making it visible.

5 in 1 Super News declares to use a perfectly democratic procedure to appropriate content from five digital media, broadsheets and tabloids, supporting the left, the right, and the independent positions of the political spectrum and generating a “super” article as a result.

The aggregation of content according to a predefined algorithmic procedure reflects logic that prioritises efficiency over quality and given guidelines over personal choice. Such procedures are often imposed on various aspects of work and life, resulting into involuntary compromises that, like 5 in 1 Super News, border with nonsense.

Mostly undreadable, the poems embody the principles of conceptual poetry, leaving the viewer with experience similar to scrolling through social media feeds, browsing through the news websites or skimming through an email inbox on the Monday morning.

In its posessive, machine-like manner, 5 in 1 Super News expresses what Bifo Berardi calls “psychotic deterritorialization of attention” caused by the fragmentation and acceleration of the flow of info-stimulation, the multitasking effect and the competitive pressure that is tied to the ability to follow the rhythm of the Infosphere”.

Snippets of text stripped off context rush as a speedy, multi-dimensional river accompanied by distorted photographs of world leaders, whose portraits have been injected with a dose of condensed news from around the world.

5 in 1 images often depict protesting crowds, melting glaciers or deadly accidents and demonstrate what happens if their genetic code is altered to include information about several other equally important events.

At the time of information acceleration and increasing pressure on our brains to absorb news, 5 in 1 Super News offers a solution. Thanks to 5 in 1 Super News you can now read 5 articles published at 5 major UK news media websites AT ONCE. 

From now on, keeping up to date with headline news equally representing all sides of political spectrum has been made simple.

5 in 1 Super News is an assemblage, an experiment, an algorithm. Our content is 100% fairly produced and reflects the most important news from all around the world.

Free from personal opinions.

100 % recycled.

100 % sustainable.

How it works

Every day an article is composed from 5 headline news articles appearing first in the ‘World News’ section of 5 major digital news media in the UK. Two paragraphs are taken from each article in order to compose the brand-new 5 in 1 Super News article. 

The news media have been selected in the following way:  

  • They must have online news content
  • They have been selected with the aim to equally represent the political leaning of their content, according to Wikipedia.

The articles are composed as follows:

The news media have been ordered alphabetically:

  1. The Daily Mail
  2. The Guardian
  3. The Independent
  4. The Mirror
  5. The Times

The order of the paragraphs of the first article has been composed as follows: 

  • The first two paragraphs are taken from the Daily Mail;
  • The second and third paragraphs come from the Guardian;
  • The fourth and fifth from the Independent; and so on.

For the following article the order of the sources is rotated. The rotation will be applied for each newly generated article. For example:

  • Article 1
    1. The Daily Mail
    2. The Guardian
    3. The Independent
    4. The Mirror 
    5. The Times
  1. Article 2
    1. The Guardian
    2. The Independent
    3. The Mirror 
    4. The Times
    5. The Daily Mail

… and so on.

The title of the article is the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first source article. If the first sentence is very long, the title is made from first part of the sentence, before the first comma.


The images are created by inserting the text content of the newly generated 5 in 1 Super News article three times into the text code of a downloaded headline image from the source articles.


5in1supernews (at) gmail (dot) com