The European Union has decided

The European Union has decided to drop Serbia and Montenegro from its safe list of countries from which non-essential travel is allowed, and did not even discuss including the United States given its sharp rise in coronavirus cases, EU officials told Reuters.

EU diplomats today approved a proposal from Germany, now holding the rotating EU presidency, to exclude non-EU Serbia and Montenegro because of spreading infections, officials said. There have been anti-government protests in Serbia, initially sparked by the announcement of a new coronavirus lockdown amid a surge in new cases.

With the US currently on 3.43m cases of Covid-19 and as many as 138,000 deaths, California has been forced to impose further lockdown restrictions, Arizona is seeing all-time highs in intensive care bed and ventilator use and a top Florida doctor has declared Miami “the new epicentre of the pandemic.”

Donald Trump’s niece is reportedly set to appear on Good Morning America tomorrow after a judge lifted her gag orders surrounding the release of her new book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. Trump attempted to block the book from being released as well, which a judge denied.

Mr Rodriguez added: “We went to the place where the body was found, about 50 metres inside a wasteland.”

The prosecutor went on to say that the body shows signs of having suffered violence from a third party, although until they have the results of the autopsy they cannot say for sure.

He nevertheless vowed to press ahead with a milder reform of the pension system, the spur for last winter’s revolt. France could not afford its over-costly and unjust retirement regime, he said.

Mr Macron’s 80-minute interview was his first in the Bastille day format used by his predecessors. He unburdened himself to two television presenters, picked by his staff, in the ceremonial chamber of the Élysée Palace, freshly decorated in designer pastels. The session followed a minimalist military ceremony on the Place de la Concorde instead of the traditional parade of French military might down the Champs Élysées. The theme was homage to medical personnel and other essential workers.

The United States now rejects Beijing’s claims in the waters surrounding Vanguard Bank off Vietnam, Lucania Shoals off Malaysia, waters considered in Brunei’s exclusive economic zone and Natuna Besar off Indonesia, Pompeo said. 

Pompeo also rejected Beijing’s southernmost claim of Malaysian-administered James Shoal, which 1,150 miles from the Chinese mainland.