A father and his three-year-old daughter

A father and his three-year-old daughter are fighting for their life after being found in a gas filled room by a “frantic” wife.

Shaun Mate and his daughter Eloise were discovered unconscious inside the room on Thursday before the man’s wife called emergency services.

Soon a whole row of skeletons emerged, exposed by the team of forensic pathologists who worked alongside the woman, scratching and brushing at the soil on a bank abutting a forest track near the ruined hamlet of Cerska, 17 miles northwest of Srebrenica.

It was day one of work on the first of numerous suspected mass graves in the area. The investigators were from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the ICTY, who were trying to establish the fate of more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys who had disappeared a year earlier as they fled the UN-protected “safe area”.

The enforced closures will be disappointing for thousands of Britons who were set to make the journey to take advantage of the hive of bars and clubs. Many of them will now be shut for most of the holiday season.

Later on in the early hours of Thursday, tourists locked out of their favourite holiday haunts were spotted with alcohol from supermarkets.

“It has been shown that it kind of comes back as a boomerang. When you make something mandatory you need to have a way to enforce it otherwise it is ridiculed by the public and is not very effective in the end.”

The ECDC’s official guidance further warns that the use of face masks is not a replacement for “physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, meticulous hand hygiene and avoiding touching the face, nose, eyes and mouth”.

He also said attendees at a 2017 bill signing cried like no one had ever balled. But a video suggests his guests that day were all smiles.

He again laid into former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, despite rules against using the White House for overtly political purposes. But with no federal entity showing any signs of cracking down on his new practice, expect him to continue doing so up to Election Day.