The dad and his two sons

The dad and his two sons who were found shot dead this afternoon are pictured for the first time tonight.

Tadgh O’Sullivan is seen smiling with son Mark on his graduation from University last year, while Diarmuid O’Sullivan is seen smartly dressed, grinning outside a front door.

Under Tier 3 people who do not live together are banned from socialising either indoors or in private gardens and beer gardens. There are exemptions for support bubbles. Pubs and bars that do not serve substantial meals must shut, along with betting shops, adult gaming centres, casinos and soft play centres.

There are growing concerns in government about the trajectory of the virus in France and Belgium, where cases are rising despite curbs similar to those in England.

Known as a member of the international jet-set, Azim was often pictured rubbing shoulders with celebrities at lavish parties in Europe and the US.

Fantastically wealthy, Azim’s net worth was estimated to be $5billion at the time of his death, according to Media, Entertainment and Arts Worldwide.  

But conspiracy theories also thrived on “governments’ inability to have a clear message”, said Lewandowsky. “They are another reason why we all need clear, consistent, evidence-based policymaking that can be trusted.”

Among other countries, roughly one in four French and one in five British and Spanish respondents believed the death rate of the virus had been exaggerated, while Australians, Swedes and Japanese were more likely to dismiss such a belief.

On Monday, Germany’s foreign minister Heiko Maas backed Mr Macron and said the Turkish president’s remarks constituted a new low. Though allies, Mr Macron and Mr Erdogan have had a fraught relationship, clashing again this summer as diplomatic relations between Greece and Turkey soured and France sided with Athens.

The leaders of Islamic countries have also joined the rhetorical attack on Mr Macron, after the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad were projected onto local civic offices in Toulouse and Montpellier. Morocco’s government said in a statement that it believed people in France were not free to express views that offended Muslims.