President Trump dubbed Joe Biden a “pathetic candidate”

President Trump dubbed Joe Biden a “pathetic candidate” and held three rallies in the swing state of Pennsylvania as he tried to reverse the polls a week before election day.

While his Democratic rival laid low, Mr Trump, 74, continued to insist that America was “rounding the turn” on the pandemic. He blamed the media for scare tactics as new coronavirus cases surged above 60,000 to their second-highest Sunday total and 11 states declared record hospital admissions.

Meanwhile hard-line Iranian newspaper Vatan-e Emrooz published a front-page cartoon of Macron as the Devil, branding him anti-Islamic and claiming that ‘French extremists’ had been seen burning copies of the Koran.

Iran also summoned the French ambassador on Tuesday in protest at Macron’s remarks, calling them ‘unwise’. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia put out a statement saying it ‘denounces the offensive cartoons of the prophet’.

Separate figures released by NHS England showed 207 patients who tested positive for coronavirus had died in English hospitals alone. The patients were aged between 36 and 101. All except six, aged 60 to 93, had known underlying health conditions.

Richard Burgon, the Labour MP for Leeds East, pointed out there were now more Covid patients in the city’s hospitals than at the peak of the pandemic.

The excitement around Ms Harris has sparked TV news coverage of everything from her childhood, to the places she has visited in India. A 2019 video that the Democrat made with comedian Mindy Kaling, in which they talked about their Indian heritage and cooked the south Indian favourite dosas, is still being widely shared among WhatsApp groups.

Shashi Tharoor, a senior MP with the opposition Congress Party in India, said a Biden-Harris victory “would inspire Indian-Americans”.

“All we are asking is for people to carry out a random act of kindness, tell the recipient about Béibhinn and ask them to also pay it forward. Then post a picture of themselves with a sign saying #theheartangel.

“We want people to realise that it doesn’t cost anything to make someone smile.

In just over a week, Eoin and Irene have received pictures from all around the world, including from members of the New York Police Department who carried out a good deed.