The UK has given training and support to Nigerian security forces

The UK has given training and support to Nigerian security forces, condemned for their brutal crackdown of protesters in recent weeks, The Independent can reveal.

Nigeria has faced international criticism, including from British foreign secretary Dominic Raab, for its handling of recent anti-police demonstrations across Lagos state.  

But the woman said she was the baby’s aunt, Yahoo News reports.

According to La Repubblica, police are looking for two women in the case.

“We’re learning to live with it, we have no choice. We can’t lock ourselves up in a basement like Joe does,” Mr Trump, 74, said in response to Mr Biden pouncing on an earlier remark from the president that “it will go away”.

Mr Trump added: “We can’t close up our nation or we won’t have a nation.”

In addition to the curfew, Lombardy’s secondary schools are going back to distance learning and shopping malls will be closed at weekends in a bid to reduce transmission.

Rome is also starting a curfew tonight after Lazio governor Nicola Zingaretti – who was seriously sickened with Covid-19 during the first wave – imposed a 30-day order.

A hot wash is best, although masks can go in with your normal laundry. “Washing must be done in water that is at least 60C, with soap,” says MacIntyre. She previously conducted a trial of cloth masks among Vietnamese healthcare workers and found that, compared with surgical masks, not only did they not protect the staff, they may have increased their risk of illness. Further analysis revealed it was not the masks, per se, that were the problem, but the fact they were often washed by hand.

“The healthcare workers whose cloth masks were washed in the hospital laundry were as well protected as surgical mask users,” says MacIntyre. “Hand-washing in cold or lukewarm water is inadequate.”