Mexico has recorded more than 9,000 daily coronavirus cases

Mexico has recorded more than 9,000 daily coronavirus cases for the first time, as the country overtook the UK with the world’s third-highest number of deaths from the pandemic after the US and Brazil.

The surging numbers were reported as the World Health Organization warned of “response fatigue” and a resurgence of cases in several countries that have lifted lockdowns.

The arrival in the Gulf of Mexico – after having blazed through Earth’s atmosphere, and being carried safely down by parachutes – brought an end to a mission that is set to change space travel in the US.

The mission began at the end of May, when the two astronauts took part in the first launch of astronauts from US soil in nearly a decade.

Dutch media outlet Het Parol said everything kicked off when two “drunk” men refused to put face coverings on even though they are compulsory on airlines during the coronavirus crisis.

The video was posted on social media and on the Twitter site of The Mic High Club Aviation Podcast, which specialises in aviation matters. It has now gone viral.

China is responsible for about a fifth of global cotton and yarn production, the majority of which is in Xinjiang.

Links between its “cotton gulag” and the fashion industry were first found two years ago, but brands are accused of looking the other way. They now face concerted campaigns to shame them, calls for consumer and investor boycotts and even the prospect of legal fallout.

Ms Heath said: ‘Volunteers came down from Tunis to help the remaining dogs so the villagers thought “hey we’re going to show them we mean business”. 

‘The men got arrested the afternoon after the attack but then everyone got up in arms. It brought back a wave of energy.’