President Donald Trump has dismissed a Manhattan prosecutor’s bank fraud investigation

President Donald Trump has dismissed a Manhattan prosecutor’s bank fraud investigation into his businesses as “just a continuation of the witch hunt,” claiming Democrats and intelligence holdovers from the Obama administration have been after him for years.

“They failed with Muller, they failed with everything. They failed with Congress. They failed at every stage of the game,” Mr Trump said at a press conference on Monday.

She told MailOnline that one puppy had a nail pushed into its eyes as the killers appeared to inflict torture on the poor animals before killing them.

Tiziana shared photographs – some we’ve chosen not to show – and footage showing the horrendous spectacle of death as the poor pooches are left lying in pools of blood.

President Putin wants to strengthen a weak “union state” between the two countries. Mr Lukashenko is nervous of that plan and has the weaker hand, but has played it strongly, taunting Moscow with a possible exit from its embrace into the arms of the EU and the US.

Until now, the 65-year-old former collective farm manager succeeded in avoiding a complete falling-out with his powerful neighbour, toggling his antagonism up and down to suit the moment.

Arriving at court earlier in the day while wearing a mask and handcuffs, Jones had insisted: ‘I loved that man.’

Jones, a former insurance clerk, and John, a retired fireman, moved to Malaysia 13 years ago from Somerset after falling in love with the country on a holiday in 2002.

In the new study, researchers from UCL and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) simulated what would happen in an “optimistic” scenario assuming 68% of contacts of people who tested positive could be traced. In the more pessimistic scenario the system had 40% coverage.

But one of the authors, Chris Bonell, professor of public health sociology at LSHTM, said the current testing system has “about 50% coverage”.