Fire ravages the Amazon again

Fire ravages the Amazon again, burning the planet’s biggest rainforest on a terrifying scale even before the region’s dry season kicks in.

It means that 1,900 sq miles – more than half a million football pitches – of rainforest have already been reduced to ash so far this year alone, even before the dry season starts this month.

In a statement, authorities said the candidates were disqualified for advocating Hong Kong independence or self-determination, lobbying foreign governments, objecting to the national security law and failing to recognise Beijing’s sovereignty over the territory.

Mr Wong, 23, tweeted: “Beijing shows a total disregard for the will of the Hongkongers, tramples upon the city’s last pillar of vanishing autonomy and attempts to keep HK’s legislature under its firm grip.

‘He put put planks of wood over the top of the hole. It took him two months to complete. He started in the morning and worked until evening. Doing this work got him in trouble with the authorities in charge of the gardens.’

Another neighbour said Brueckner had never done any gardening in Braunschweig but would visit the allotment with his girlfriend and work in his shed, before he left the plot abruptly and was never seen again. 

The same restrictions will also apply to Leicester, which saw the first so-called “local lockdown” imposed on 29 June.

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has clarified some details about the new restrictions coming into effect in parts of northern England in… just over an hour now.

‘Major China Virus flare-ups in many of the countries that the Fake News was touting as doing so well’, president tweets.

Trump again claims their will be ‘risks’ to the November election if mail-in voting is allowed.