Freedom weighs heavily on Abdurehim Parac

Freedom weighs heavily on Abdurehim Parac, a Uighur poet in exile. His escape from Xinjiang province has brought unknown punishments for the loved ones he left behind, and in Turkey, where he sought sanctuary, Beijing’s shadow stalks him.

Mr Parac, 46, who fled China in 2013 after a decade and a half of imprisonments and surveillance, had planned to bring his family after him once he reached safety.

Although the UK government today kept Spain on its ‘green list’ of countries that do not require quarantines, officials have indicated that this could change without notice if the rise in Spanish cases gets worse.

Some British holidaymakers are cancelling their trips and TUI has said it will cancel packages to Spain if returning travellers are forced to go into a 14-day quarantine when they return to the UK.

“It has been an extraordinary four months,” says one of Recovery’s founders, Martin Landray of Oxford University. “And yes, it is something that the UK can be proud of.”

Landray is an expert in setting up large clinical trials while his co-founder, Peter Horby, also of Oxford University, is an infectious disease specialist who was involved in Covid drug trials in Wuhan last winter when the pandemic first emerged. However, these studies ended when case numbers plunged as the Chinese authorities applied their rigid lockdown. “At the same time, cases began appearing in Europe and I realised we need to start work here,” says Horby.

The latest round of poll numbers show that the president is falling behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden in several key battleground states that the president won in 2016 less than 100 days ahead of the November general election.

Roughly eight in 10 Americans believe the US is headed in the wrong direction, a record high in Mr Trump’s term, according to a recent survey conducted by the Associated Press and the NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research.

Dolphins can be seen swimming in water filled with excessive algae growth and other contaminants potentially caused by a lack of filtration and water maintenance. Experts say a tank of around 10-15 captive dolphins will expel the equivalent amount of excrement as 50 humans.

Prior to the pandemic, Dolphin Discovery had around 100 employees working at the Riviera Maya location. Organisation Empty The Tanks says this has now dropped to just 15.