Spain has suffered at least 200 coronavirus outbreaks

Spain has suffered at least 200 coronavirus outbreaks since it lifted the lockdown while France today revealed it has up to 500 active ‘clusters’ of the disease.   

Fears of a second wave are growing in Spain after it identified 5,695 new cases last week, a sharp increase from 2,944 a week earlier, while some areas have been forced to re-impose lockdown measures just as British tourists start to arrive again.

Colombia’s government has estimated it will reach its peak of cases in August. Several cities, including the capital Bogota, are close to full occupation of beds in intensive care units.

The nationwide quarantine – declared at the end of March by President Ivan Duque – is set to last until 1 August. Though certain neighbourhoods, especially in the capital, are under strict restrictions, other areas have loosened rules as the government seeks to stoke the economy, which is expected to contract 5.5% this year.

Later this week, the House will also begin consideration of four of the 12 annual spending bills that must be signed into law to keep the government running. The government has shut down twice in three years under Donald Trump over differences on immigration and border security.

Congress is looking to make it two years in a row without a shutdown.

In January proceedings were delayed for more than an hour when the rapist soiled himself in front of Judge See.

Kayubi refused to change and instead sat back down in court on a plastic sheet.

“They also seek to use their disqualification as another excuse to create further turmoil,” Mr Li said.

Mr Wong, who became known internationally for his part in the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests, sought to run for the city parliament in 2016 but was not eligible because he was below the statutory minimum age of 21.