Researchers have identified a potent cocktail of antibodies

Researchers have identified a potent cocktail of antibodies that may help doctors treat Covid-19 infections and protect people at risk from falling ill with the disease.

The antibodies were collected from patients hospitalised with severe Covid-19, and they could be manufactured at scale by pharmaceutical firms and transfused into the blood to fight the virus or prevent it from taking hold.

He said the protests “triggered” a broader relaxation of some mitigation efforts, as well as young people gathering at bars and on beaches. He also blames the US “sharing a 2000-mile border with Mexico, and cases are surging in Mexico.”

The implication is sick people, or asymptomatic individuals, are flowing into the United States from that country. Yet, Mr Trump is sending federal border officers, among others, to cities like Portland and Chicago to deal with violence there.

It happened hours after a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit Bomi County of Linzhi City of Tibet and a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Yutian County of Xinjiang, according to The Epoch Times.

In May an earthquake killed four people and left another 24 injured in southwestern China.

The move comes amid a sharp decline in relations beteen Washington and Beijing, with clashes over China’s imposition of a national security law in Hong Kong, the militarisation of the South China Sea, the repressive practice and policy in the Muslim region of Xinjiang, and the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, the Trump administration was reportedly considering plans to bar all members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families from visiting the US, a move that would devastate the bilateral relationship.

A group of men on the ground then braced themselves, and caught both children after they fell.

Both children were completely unharmed, except for suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.