The re-election of President Trump would be a “danger to the republic”

The re-election of President Trump would be a “danger to the republic” and would have “grave consequences”, his former national security adviser said before the publication today of a damning memoir of 17 months at his side.

John Bolton, 71, a lifelong hardline Republican, said he could not vote for Mr Trump but would write in the name of a “true conservative” on his ballot paper in November. He said he hoped that his book was a contribution to a discussion on “what the post-Trump [Republican] party looks like”.

Bars, gyms and cinemas will all have to shut their doors again while picnics and barbecues will be banned, schools are already closed and the 10-person limit on public gatherings has been slashed to two.  

The spike in cases has punctured optimism that Germany had successfully weathered the pandemic, after it was praised for keeping its death toll far lower than that in Britain, Spain, Italy or France.   

Germany put an entire district into a local lockdown for the first time since easing its restrictions in early May, after 1,553 employees at the Tönnies meat processing plant in the western city of Gütersloh tested positive for the virus.

About 360,000 people in the area will be affected by newly enforced physical distancing rules and closures of bars, museums and swimming pools. The state premier of North-Rhine Westphalia, Armin Laschet, said the second lockdown could be relaxed after 30 June “as soon as we have control over the infections”.

A group of 750 artists and industry powerhouses have signed on to a letter urging Congress to pass the Justice in Policing Act.

Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver an address to young Americans from a megachurch in Arizona this evening. Cases in the state have seen a sharp uptick, and health officials are urging residents to wear masks. With hundreds expected to attend this event, very few seem to have take the advice.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said: “Based on the preliminary earthquake parameters… hazardous tsunami waves are possible for coasts located within 1000km of the earthquake epicenter.

“Hazardous tsunami waves from this earthquake are possible within 1000km of the epicenter along the coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.”