Donald Trump is facing increasing pressure to cancel his upcoming election rally in Tulsa

Donald Trump is facing increasing pressure to cancel his upcoming election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after the city’s health director, Dr Bruce Dart, expressed anxiety over the spread of coronavirus and the president’s own adviser, Larry Kudlow, admitted that attendees would be well advised to wear a face mask.

“Covid is here in Tulsa, it is transmitting very efficiently,” Dr Dart said on Saturday. “I wish we could postpone this to a time when the virus isn’it as large a concern as it is today.” His remarks coincide with news of a major surge in infections in Trump’s adopted home state of Florida.

Some of the site’s packages even include having the animal carcass shipped back home, reports the Daily Star.

“This is the most exciting way to hunt a lion,” a note on the site says, before describing how the wild animals are ambushed by trackers in order for ‘hunters’ to take pot shots with high-powered rifles.

“This is the new ground zero,” John Wade, a protester, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Another man was taken right at this spot.” The newspaper said it was the 48th shooting in Georgia involving an officer to be investigated this year.

On Sunday evening more than 100 people, some with umbrellas and rain gear after on-and-off rain, protested peacefully at the site. Police blocked some side streets, slowing traffic in the area as people held up signs.

That is compared to a larger decline of 20.3 per cent in the UK.

Retail fared the worst. In Germany and Italy, sales in that sector decline by 10.5 per cent and 5.3 per cent in April.

In an afternoon press conference, Xu Ying of the Beijing municipal party committee organisation department, said 7,200 neighbourhoods and 100,000 community workers had “immediately entered the battlefield to fight the epidemic”.

The new cases in Beijing are especially alarming given the strict travel restrictions and quarantine measures the city imposed to prevent cases from other parts of the country spreading to the capital. Beijing had begun to return to normal with residents returning to work and going out again.