Brazil has registered 21,704 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours

Brazil has registered 21,704 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours, taking the total number of confirmed infections to 850,514. 

The health ministry reported 892 new deaths on Saturday, and said the official total death toll had now reached 42,720.

A video of one part of the incident shows a struggle on the ground between two officers and Mr Brooks, during which he manages to break away with one of the officer’s Tasers. He is then seen running away from the scene, being pursued by the officers, when three gunshots can be heard.

Police said Mr Brooks was taken to a local hospital, where he died after surgery.

Supermarkets throughout the city have now stopped selling the fish.

That concern also spread to other cities, with a major agricultural wholesale market in Chengdu, the capital of the southwestern province of Sichuan, saying it would remove salmon products from its shelves from Saturday.

He repeated his threat to clear the protest zone in an interview with Fox News last night: “If there were more toughness, you wouldn’t have the kind of devastation you have in Minneapolis and Seattle. If they don’t straighten that situation out, we are going to straighten it out. We are not going to let Seattle be occupied by anarchists. If we have to go in, we are going to go in. The governor . . . he’s got great National Guard troops, he can do it, but one way or another it is going to get done.” The mayor, Jenny Durkan, responded that “it’s not terrorism. It’s patriotism.” She added: “We do not need anyone, including the president, to try to sow further divide, further mistrust and misinformation”. It would be “unconstitutional and illegal to send the military into Seattle”.

The protest zone is barred to police and vehicles but has its own emergency medical teams; a “No Cop Co-Op” offering free fruit, vegetables, umbrellas, hand sanitiser and water; spectacular street art spaces set aside for discussions on anti-racism and activism strategy; two kitchen gardens and a growing campsite in an adjacent park; many memorials to victims of police violence, and an entertainment programme.

Germany and Italy have both eased their coronavirus lockdowns faster than the UK, with some shops allowed to open in both countries in April – mitigating the fall.

Meanwhile most high street retail has still not restarted in the UK, with smaller shops only allowed to reopen on Monday.