Britain appears to be faring worse than its European counterparts

Britain appears to be faring worse than its European counterparts as coronavirus lockdowns crush their economies.

The UK reported a record-breaking 20.4 per cent fall in GDP in April on Friday, the first full month after people were ordered into their homes.

According to the British government 41,481 lives have been lost in the UK since late January although the number rises to more than 50,000 when suspected cases are included. Brazil’s death toll is also considered an underestimate.

Only in the US, where the official death toll stands at more than 116,000, have more died.

The health ministry said on Friday 25,982 new infections had been recorded in the previous 24 hours.

A World Health Organisation official said on Friday the country’s current situation was of increasing concern – especially in cities.

Fortunately, neither she nor the vehicle’s driver, who had managed to climb out himself, were not seriously harmed.

Both were receiving treatment at a local hospital, the statement said.

After dark on Thursday hundreds of people sat quietly for hours in the intersection in front of the boarded police station, from which hung a two-storey high tarpaulin spray-painted with the words: “This space is now property of the Seattle people.”They listened to political speeches, singing and poetry.

Previous evenings had featured live music from a band called Marshall Law and a screening of 13th, Ava Duvernay’s Oscar-nominated documentary about the criminal justice system’s exploitation of African-Americans.