Angela Merkel has plunged Germany back into ‘lockdown lite’

Angela Merkel has plunged Germany back into ‘lockdown lite’, ordering all bars and restaurants to close across the country starting on Monday. 

The move will also see theatres, cinemas and leisure facilities close throughout November, though unlike the first lockdown, schools and shops will be allowed to stay open. Takeaway services are also allowed.

“Difficult measures have to be taken,” the president said.

“We have always said we have to live with the virus … We have done all we can do and I believe our strategy and information has been good,” he said. “But we have to admit, like our [European] neighbours, we are submerged by the acceleration of the spread of the virus. All of Europe is surprised by the speed of the spread of the virus.

France now has the highest number of new cases in Europe. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday announced a four-week shutdown of bars, restaurants and theatres. “We must act, and now, to avoid an acute national health emergency,” she said.

Both Italy and Germany set records for new infections on Wednesday, with Italy reporting nearly 25,000 in a single day and Germany logging almost 15,000.

“When she wanted something from me, she called me chommie, not mommie.”

Thandiwe described how she only found out her daughter was missing when she returned home from work on Monday afternoon.

The violence in Pennsylvania’s biggest city comes just a week before the presidential election. Race has played a big part in what has been a hugely polarised campaign.

Tensions have remained high at demonstrations across the US since the death in May of George Floyd after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.