MPs have criticised the government’s 10pm curfew

MPs have criticised the government’s 10pm curfew for hospitality venues, such as pubs and restaurants, amid growing frustration in parliament over the lack of scrutiny for coronavirus restrictions.

The criticism came as Labour called for rapid review of the policy after Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham warned it was “doing more harm than good” in the fight against Covid-19.

While New York’s positive test rate remains much lower than those in some midwestern states where 15% of tests were coming back positive, it marks a significant uptick from the state’s rate, which has hovered at 1% or below for weeks.

“It’s basically Brooklyn, Orange and Rockland that are increasing this number,” Cuomo told reporters on Monday, adding that state health officials were looking into Covid-19 clusters in these locations.

Another unrelated case in Mongolia’s Khentii province is also being checked, say reports.

Separately in China the three-year-old boy in the southwest Yunnan province is feared to have contracted plague.

Armenia, however, claims that Azerbaijan has been bought in heavy weaponry from Turkey and shipped in fighters from Syria in preparation for an attack.

Turkey is a staunch ally of Azerbaijan: both are majority-Muslim countries and Azeris speak a dialect of Turkish.

Three others were also later detained in relation to the attack, a judicial source told Reuters.

Dramatic pictures showed Ali, who had arrived in France as a minor claiming political asylum, crouching on the floor in a yellow Manchester City top and tracksuit bottoms.