A range of new restrictions came into effect in Austria on 21 September

A range of new restrictions came into effect in Austria on 21 September, as a rise in confirmed cases accelerated to reach levels last seen in late March.

Masks are required in shops and on public transport, while moving around in bars and restaurants, and shopping at outdoor markets.

Meghan McCain tells Trump to ‘get some of what Joe Biden has’ ahead of first debate

Speaking on The View, Meghan McCain says the president is losing voters over the age of 60 “at an astounding rate” and suggests that he and Joe Biden need to switch personas in the upcoming first debate.

“While they’re still alive and in water, there’s still hope for them – but as time goes on they do become more fatigued,” said Nic Deka, regional manager for Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service.

He added the focus would now also shift to removing the hundreds of carcasses scattered along the coast.

“We will never allow others to display their military might in our territorial airspace,” declared Tsai Ing-wen, as she toured a military base in Penghu, a string of small western islands that are on the furthest front of Taiwan’s air defences.

China has pledged to take Taiwan — which it considers unfinished business from the civil war in 1949 — back by force if necessary. For decades that seemed an unlikely threat, especially as Taiwan had a defence pact with the United States, but as relations plummet between Beijing and Washington, Taiwan could spark a clash that draws in the superpowers.

‘In response to the many complaints from citizens asking for the demolition of the sculpture representing two fish and located on one of the roundabouts in the town of Mehdia.

‘We inform the public opinion of Kenitra, that the town of Kenitra has no relation with this subject, and that the sculpture in question is not located on its territory,’ the City of Kenitra wrote on Facebook.