France’s prime minister has told his citizens to ‘pull themselves together’

France’s prime minister has told his citizens to ‘pull themselves together’ amid a fresh surge in coronavirus cases. 

Jean Castex said the public was becoming careless and raised the spectre of a second lockdown after a rise of more than 10,000 cases in the last week.

The effect was called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). The reason it matters today, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, is that unexpected glitches such as ADE are the kind of problems vaccine developers look for in phase-3 testing of vaccines – testing that has yet to be carried out on Russia’s newly approved Sputnik V vaccine.

In recent weeks, as announcements on the development of scores of vaccines around the world have come in rapid succession, the still poorly understood mechanisms of ADE have been thrust into the spotlight as scientists speculate on whether vaccine-produced antibodies could trigger this effect.

“For me, it was a call to action … at that moment I knew I couldn’t stand by and let Donald Trump, a man who went on to say … ‘there are very fine people on both sides’ … No president of the United States have ever said something like that,” he added.

Mr Trump faced backlash for supporting the rally attendees who were protesting the removal of the Confederate general’s statue because of the anti-semitic and racist remarks made by members in the crowd. But the president stood by his statements by repeating there were “fine people” on both sides.

“The other guys in the water said I was punching him in the head and on the nose as well. I remember the shark swimming around me and I was just trying to keep my eyes on him and I was trying to push him away.”

“I remember seeing the size of his dorsal fin as he was swimming around. It was massive, at least a metre high. He was still there next to me when the other guys got to me,” Mr Mummert said.

President Trump claimed that Ms Harris had been his “No 1 pick” as well. He said he was “a little surprised” at the choice because she had been “very nasty and disrespectful to Joe Biden”. He tried to cast her as an ultra-liberal, saying that she was “very big into raising taxes” and “wants to slash funds for the military to a level nobody can even believe”.

Barack Obama said that “choosing a vice-president is the first important decision a president makes” and that Mr Biden had “nailed this decision”. Ms Harris, he said, was “more than prepared for the job”.