The government has been accused of being “tone deaf”

The government has been accused of being “tone deaf” for its sudden introduction of further lockdown restrictions in the north of England last month shortly after being warned that local interventions could fuel racial tensions.

Documents released by the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) warned that in areas with vulnerable or marginalised communities local interventions could make people feel stigmatised, damage trust in government and lead to social unrest.

The 72-year-old independent voter was born in Pineville, Kentucky, and has moved around quite a bit over the years. Her family moved to 20 different suburbs by the time she was in fourth grade, before eventually settling in Fairborn, Ohio when they could afford a house. Her father, like nearly everyone else in the neighborhood, worked for General Motors, while her mom worked in the cafeteria at her local high school.

After two marriages and having spent several chapters of her life living in a variety of cities across the country, including everywhere from Denver, Colorado to Burlington, Vermont, Matzig settled down with her significant other, who she has been with since 1988, in Aachen, Germany.

Today, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed the threshold for putting countries on the quarantine list.

The Tory minister said it is 20 cases per 100,000 on a seven-day rolling average.

He was vice-president at the time of Beau’s illness and President Obama eased his workload so that he could get to Delaware in the evenings to spend time with his dying son and Beau’s young family. It was a throwback to the life that Mr Biden led as a senator when he became known as Amtrak Joe after the train service that took him home from Washington every night as a single dad to his own sons, Beau and Hunter, to tuck them in.

Ted Kaufman, 81, was one of the few outsiders who saw up close how family shaped the man now favourite to become the next president of the United States. As a volunteer on Mr Biden’s first campaign and his chief-of-staff in the Senate, Mr Kaufman commuted with him every morning on the two-hour ride so they could prepare for the day.

Speculation has been mounting about quarantine exemptions being scrapped as infections rise across much of Europe. 

Hundreds of thousands of Britons are either on holiday in France or planning to go there, but yesterday it recorded more than 2,500 cases – a record since lockdown was eased.