Donald Trump is golfing ahead

Donald Trump is golfing ahead of his trip to South Dakota for the Mount Rushmore 2020 Fireworks Celebration. The first lady will also attend the controversial event. As the coronavirus cases soar across the south and west of the nation, the president bragged about the Nasdaq having its 23rd record close of the year in an unhinged-looking all-caps tweet.

The president also argued that Black Lives Matter protesters angered by the police killings of George Floyd and other black Americans would have wiped out the city of Minneapolis had he not sent in the National Guard to stop the demonstrations, while he picked fights with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Dr Anthony Fauci as he seeks to distract from the resurgent coronavirus.

In the clip, Bernardo is seen by eight other councillors when he is taking a shower behind a translucent screen.

The colleagues attempt to ignore him at first but then ask if they can remove him from the call to spare him further embarassment.

The long-expected reshuffle follows punishment by voters in council elections across the country of his centrist party La République en Marche. The new government line-up is to be announced over the weekend.

Mr Castex, with his background as a chief of staff to health ministers and as director of state health agencies, was chosen by Mr Macron in March to run France’s emergence from the lockdown that began on May 11. He became known as Monsieur Déconfinement. “He was the man who made deconfinement a success,” a presidential aide said yesterday.

The meaning of the apparent racist accusation has however so far left some scratching their heads.

‘Of course in general with literary works, you can read them with various glasses,’ Ane Grum-Schwensen, an expert employed by the H.C. Andersen centre at the University of Southern Denmark, told broadcaster TV2.

California has seen positive tests climb 37% but hospitalizations are up 56% over the past two weeks.

Patients with serious cases of Covid-19 are flooding into hospitals across the southern and western states. Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada and Arizona set records for hospitalizations on Thursday.