Donald Trump said “something snapped” in the ex-Minneapolis cop who knelt on the neck of George Floyd

Donald Trump said “something snapped” in the ex-Minneapolis cop who knelt on the neck of George Floyd, leading to his death and the week of protests and riots that followed.

In an interview with his former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Mr Trump said a terrible thing happened in the death of Mr Floyd.

The fight brought daytime traffic to a halt, as the teenagers began scrapping in the street.

Several brutal beatings happen throughout the short video with many of the young girls being kicked on the ground.

The political disagreement came after an eighth night of protests, which were generally more peaceful than the three previous evenings that were scarred by vandalism and looting.

Curfews are in place in dozens of cities and at least 11 people have been killed, including a retired black police captain checking on a friend’s shop in St Louis who was shot by a looter early on Tuesday morning. Four police officers were shot and wounded in St Louis that same night.

‘Gangs are getting on to the road and stopping the traffic too,’ said a demonstrator at the scene. ‘The fires are huge – it’s getting very ugly indeed.’

With the demonstration winding down, police fired tear gas and protesters could be seen throwing debris. Two small fires broke out, and green and grey barriers surrounding a construction site were knocked over.

More cases are being detected in a number of southern states, including Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. But cases are not increasing only in southern states. Alaska, Montana and California have also seen cases increase. In total, 17 states are seeing increases.

These increases reflect infections that may have taken place weeks ago. The novel coronavirus has a long incubation period, and people may not get tested until they feel ill.