Portugal will reopen its beaches on 6 June

Portugal will reopen its beaches on 6 June, its prime minister Antonio Costa has said. And he encouraged the public to download an app that will tell them if their beach of choice is full or still has space.

Groups must stay 1.5m apart, deck-chairs may only be booked for the morning or afternoon, and beach sports of two people or more will not be allowed, according to the new rules.

VICE Media Group CEO Nancy Dubuc told staff in an internal memo that the company was cutting 55 jobs in the US and 100 globally, mostly to its digital operations.

“The reality is that some tough decisions had to be made primarily around our digital teams,” she wrote in the memo, in which she said big tech companies posed a “great threat to journalism”.

Her mum claimed her daughter had been playing with medicines belonging to the father, who had recently had leg surgery.

The local prosecutor Carlos Rolero Santurian issued a search warrant for the family house where police found 70 grams (2 ozs) of cocaine ready to be sold, tools to cut the substance, a digital scale, a notebook with notes about the selling operations, and 90,000 ARS (£1,090).

Typical of the outpouring was a Facebook post by Nico Basso, a councillor in Treviso and former member of the League, who wrote: “Hang her.”

Vittorio Sgarbi, Italy’s best known art critic, demanded that Ms Costanza Romano be arrested for aiding terrorists. As she took shelter with her family, men were said to have driven past their house on a moped shouting and throwing glass bottles.

Bats, which are believed to have been the animal which passed COVID-19 on to humans, were seen hanging upside down in cages in Indonesia. 

PETA and its international affiliates are using the video footage to renew their call on the World Health Organization to urge the closure of live-animal markets worldwide.