China has bolstered its great power status beneath the waves

China has bolstered its great power status beneath the waves with the unveiling of two nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines.

The two Jin class, or Type 094A, strategic submarines, built at the Huludao shipyard in Liaoning province, in the northeast of the country, will bring the total size of China’s sea-based deterrent to six vessels.

No decision will be taken about reopening schools and allowing sports teams to train until at least May 6, and there will be no end to wider social distancing measures until at least May 10.

This is to give time for the current measures to show in the data, aide Helge Braun said. He spoke as Germany reported 1,478 new cases of the virus on Thursday, meaning the daily total has increased every day this week. 

He made the announcement, days after tens of thousands of people in Orange County packed beaches during a sunny weekend.

The governor said he hoped the order would not last very long, but felt it was necessary to protect public health. He said the order only applied to beaches in Orange County. Several California coastal communities have allowed beaches to be open with some restrictions.

Theories supported by Donald Trump and his allies on Capitol Hill have pointed blame at China for the viral outbreak, saying the disease broke out of the lab due to a fatal incident. However, many scientists have noted the likeliness that Covid-19 actually originated from animal-to-human transmissions, potentially through a bat.

“More and more, we’re hearing the story” about the Wuhan lab, Mr Trump said during a press conference earlier this month.

One “cure” was being offered for a price of just under $25,000 (£13,000), ABC reports.

Of the 20 dark web sites investigated, just three accounted for around 90 per cent of the coronavirus products for sale.​