Germany has suffered a record daily increase in coronavirus deaths

Germany has suffered a record daily increase in coronavirus deaths as 266 more people were added to the death toll today. 

The latest deaths bring the total from 2,107 to 2,373, surpassing the previous record of 254 fatal cases announced on Wednesday.

“IN FULL PANDEMIC. Bolsonaro went back to circulating in Brasília and created a tumult in a bakery,” tweeted photojournalist Lula Marques, sharing the videos. “It was another irresponsible act by Bolsonaro putting the population’s life at risk.” The incident was covered on Brazil’s biggest nightly news show, Jornal Nacional, and by Brazil’s biggest magazine Veja.

Cries of “Bolsonaro out” were even audible in a video tweeted by the president’s congressman son Eduardo Bolsonaro from the Pão Dourado – ‘Golden Bakery’ – store, where the far-right populist ate a donut with his infrastructure minister Tarcísio de Freitas, joked with employees – who unlike the president were wearing masks – and put his arms around people for photos. He is one of just four world leaders denying the health threat of Covid-19, along with the despots of Belarus and Turkmenistan and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega.

“This can be used as a tool to help more strategically redeploy individuals back to work,” said Dr Elitza Theel, director of the Mayo Clinic laboratory that is behind the tests.

“I don’t know that it’s going to be the magic bullet or the only thing that decides that, but it will probably play a role,” she told The Independent.

Mr Myong has dismissed the Kim regime’s claims as propaganda and “absurd lies” as North Korea continues to carry out missile test launches and military drills.

In an article for the US-based Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, he wrote that the true number of infections and deaths “exceeds imagination”.

International Rescue, one of numerous aid agencies operating in Yemen, said that a two-week ceasefire was not enough to prepare for a potential outbreak of Covid-19. The organisation said half of Yemen’s health facilities were out of action and that 18 million people did not have access to water and sanitation.

The UN and aid groups believe that more than 22 million of Yemen’s people, of a total 28 million, are in need of aid, including food, which has been impeded by the war and a Saudi blockade of Houthi territory.