EU leaders have agreed to shut down the bloc’s external borders

EU leaders have agreed to shut down the bloc’s external borders to all non-essential travel for the next 30 days in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The decision comes after the death toll in the UK soared from 16 to 71 on Tuesday, while in Italy – the European epicentre – there were another 345 deaths, taking its total to 2,503.

After the win, Biden made an overture to Sanders’ supporters, as he seeks to add to his lead. Biden said he and Sanders shared common goals, the former vice-president said, regarding healthcare, inequality and the climate crisis.

“So let me say especially to the young voters who have been inspired by Senator Sanders, I hear you. I know what to stake,” Biden said, in a a livestream video posted after the Florida and Illinois results were declared.

Citizens continuing to go about their ordinary lives without taking evasive action could lead to as many as 2.2m deaths, whereas abiding by self-isolation could cut that number by 90 per cent to 220,000.

Here’s more on the report, which is chilling indeed.

Toyota has now suspended work at all of its UK factories and fashion chain Zara has announced it will close almost 4,000 stores amid plunging sales. The government announced a £350billion package for struggling businesses and homeowners affected by coronavirus could be entitled to a three month mortgage holiday.

In Illinois, with 89 per cent of voting districts reporting, Mr Biden was on 60 per cent and Mr Sanders on 36 per cent. Late last night only a tiny fraction of Arizona’s votes had been counted but exit polls meant the race was called for Mr Biden almost as soon as the vote closed.

David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s former election strategist, declared the Democratic presidential contest over. “We know how this race is going to end now, we just don’t know when,” he told CNN. “These primaries are going to be stretched out now in ways we don’t even know… So the question for Senator Sanders is, does it benefit the project of defeating President Trump for him to stay in this race simply to make a statement, or is it time to consolidate around Biden? I think there will be an awful lot of discussion about that in the next few days.”