Last year’s summer was so warm that it helped trigger the loss of 600bn tons of ice from Greenland

Last year’s summer was so warm that it helped trigger the loss of 600bn tons of ice from Greenland – enough to raise global sea levels by 2.2mm in just two months, new research has found.

The analysis of satellite data has revealed the astounding loss of ice in just a few months of abnormally high temperatures around the northern pole. Last year was the hottest on record for the Arctic, with the annual minimum extent of sea ice in the region its second-lowest on record.

Elsewhere, Donald Trump has crowned himself a “wartime president” fighting an invisible enemy, and has invoked rarely used emergency powers to marshal critical medical supplies against the pandemic. Mr Trump will also use his authority under the 70-year-old Defense Production Act to give the government more power to steer production by private companies and try to overcome a shortage in masks, ventilators and other supplies. The number of people infected worldwide has surpassed the 200,000 mark, according to the Johns Hopkins University, as deaths topped 8,700 – though the number of people considered recovered reached over 83,000.

The government of India has ordered that no international flights will be allowed to land anywhere in the country for a week from 22 March, Adam Withnall reports.

Emma – who is herself in a wheelchair following a recent operation – later found her distraught daughter crying on the ground. “She was pushed to the ground and then stood on by adults who had no care in the world for a child on the floor. People were walking over her while she was crying on the ground just to get what they wanted,” Emma said.

“The next primary contest is three weeks away,” Faiz Shakir, Mr Sanders’s campaign manager, said in a statement. “Senator Sanders is going to be having conversations with his supporters to assess his campaign.

“In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak and ensuring that we take care of working people and the most vulnerable.”

Italy’s 475 new deaths are the largest number that any country, even China, has reported in a single day since the outbreak began late last year. The previous record high of 368 deaths was also recorded in Italy, on Sunday.