The Danish inventor jailed

The Danish inventor jailed for the gory murder of a journalist on his home-made submarine was arrested after trying to escape from prison today. 

Peter Madsen forced his way out of the jail by taking a female psychologist hostage with what he claimed was a pistol, before threatening guards by saying he had a bomb, according to Danish media.

People will only be allowed in and out of Navarre for work, university studies, to care for relatives, or for emergencies, the regional government said. Restaurants, cafes and bars will be closed, while shops may open at 40% capacity but close by 9pm.

The lockdown in and around the capital, the source of bitter arguments between the central and regional government, is due to expire this Saturday amid media reports that the regional government is considering the introduction of a curfew.

Donald Trump looked very serious as he departed the White House following his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl.

Mr Trump reportedly “abruptly” walked out of the interview before taking to Twitter to mask shame the journalist.

The symptoms of bongkrek poisoning typically begin within a few hours of eating contaminated food, and include stomach pain, sweating, genera weakness, and eventual coma. Death can occur within 24 hours.

“It can cause serious damage to many human organs including the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain,” Mr Gao said.

Indoctrinated by Islamic State ideology, broken by the years of enslavement and abuse and terrified at the thought of being stigmatised if she returned home, Nesrin’s fate has shown that many others on the Yazidi missing list may still be alive in the former lands of Islamic State, held in one or other form of captivity 19 months after the last sliver of Isis-controlled territory was retaken in the battle of Baghouz.

“We believe that some of the missing, possibly hundreds of them, are still held alive, scattered across the region,” explained Mahmoud Rasho, a leading investigator responsible for finding missing Yazidis in Syria. “Whenever we get one back, we show them pictures of the other missing Yazidis and from time to time we hear, ‘They are alive — we’ve seen them’.”