Facebook Inc and Twitter took action

Facebook Inc and Twitter took action on posts from the US president Donald Trump on Tuesday for violating their rules against coronavirus misinformation by suggesting that Covid-19 was just like the flu [see 5.30pm].

Facebook took the post down but not before it was shared about 26,000 times, data from the company’s metric tool CrowdTangle showed.

The men are accused of torturing 21-year-old farm manager Brendin Horner, whose lifeless body was found covered in blood and tied to a post on remote farmland outside the town of Paul Roux on Friday.

Following the latest in a string of attacks on white farmers, up to 3,000 descended on Senekal, with one group turning violent and forcing their way into the holding cells.

Some 168 countries have so far joined the Covax programme, but China, the United States and Russia are not among them.

Mr Tedros urged countries to work together to fight the disease, saying the most important factor in finding a vaccine was “political commitment from our leaders especially in the equitable distribution of the vaccines”.

It rears its head back out of the water as sticks and stones rain down on it.

One man can be heard saying ‘oh Jesus’ as the hippo continuously submerges itself under the water.

But while the prime minister urged his party to lift their eyes to a brighter post-pandemic future, the latest Covid-19 data intensified calls for tougher lockdown measures. Today 14,542 new cases were recorded, a figure that has doubled in 11 days. Deaths have also doubled in the same time to 76.

A further 496 patients were admitted to hospital with mounting concerns about the ability of the health service to cope in northern hotspots.