Sao Paulo’s governor Joao Doria says the state will provide a vaccine for Covid-19

Sao Paulo’s governor Joao Doria says the state will provide a vaccine for Covid-19 for its people even if Brazil’s federal government does not help, Reuters is reporting.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has stressed that ministers will prioritise keeping schools open this winter as they tackle any upsurge in coronavirus cases.

“Thankfully he is alive today,” Ms Harris said of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a father-of-three, whose sons witnessed their father being shot.

“Joe and I spoke with [the Blake family] yesterday. They are an amazing group of people with extraordinary courage. Even in their pain and grief … they spoke about the need to end violence so the nation can heal.”

He said: “I must be the only student to whom the KGB offered nothing.”

Cummings was recommended by his history professor at Oxford, the right-wing academic Norman Stone.

Mr Trump’s repeated attacks on Mr Biden, 77, followed the Democratic convention last week that emphasised the former vice-president’s personal qualities of empathy and bipartisanship.

“Joe Biden is not the saviour of America’s soul; he is the destroyer of America’s jobs — and, if given the chance, he will be the destroyer of American greatness,” Mr Trump said, against an audible backdrop of protests from Black Lives Matter campaigners outside the White House.

Abe took three days of holiday this month made an unannounced hospital visit on August 17, staying there for more than seven hours for medical checks. 

He made a second visit to the same hospital a week later for additional tests and said at the time that he intended to continue as leader of the world’s third-largest economy.