Brazil has passed a total of more than one million coronavirus cases

Brazil has passed a total of more than one million coronavirus cases, and nearly 50,000 deaths, according to its health ministry data, in a new low for the world’s second worst-hit country.

Brazil has recorded 1,032,913 confirmed cases, second only to the United States, with 1,206 new deaths reported on Friday to take the total official fatalities to 48,954, the ministry said.

The president – who is due in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday to resume campaign rallies, despite widespread opposition over fear the arena event will spread Covid-19 among attendees – has meanwhile provoked consternation by claiming in an interview that “no one had ever heard of” the abolition of slavery commemoration Juneteenth before he came along.

It has been another contentious week for the president. While most of us would ease into the weekend with a cold beer or nice wine. Or, hey, tequila shots or pickle backs. Pick your poison.

In the video, one of several posted on social media, the creatures are seen filling the air above fields and roads in the remote rural region.

National Service of Agri-Food Health and Quality (SENASA) believes the creatures are the Schistocerca cancellata species of locust in the subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae, which have an insatiable appetite for crops of wheat, corn and oats used for cattle.

Moscow’s hopes of a military victory against the GNA being delivered by the renegade warlord from eastern Libya, Khalifa Haftar, have taken a battering over recent months. The self-styled marshal’s forces, supported by Russia, have been repulsed from around Tripoli and sent into retreat, thanks in large part to Turkey’s decision to come to the GNA’s aid.

But not all of Russia’s chips were placed on Marshal Haftar. The Times has seen a Powerpoint presentation allegedly prepared for Saif Gaddafi by the two jailed Russians for a proto-political movement dubbed Rebirth of Libya. It suggests a selection of potential logos in Gaddafi-era green, and manifesto mottos such as “Mercy and Peace”, and “Determined Libya”.

A funeral for Colonel B Santosh Babu, fatally wounded with clubs and rocks when he approached the Chinese encampment to make peace, was held in Suryapet. 

China yesterday broadcast images of live-fire drills of artillery and tanks blowing apart the Tibetan plateau, where thousands of PLA troops are based to deal any Indian threat.