A schoolgirl who said a boy aged 10 was her baby’s father has claimed the real dad is a 16-year-old who raped her

A schoolgirl who said a boy aged 10 was her baby’s father has claimed the real dad is a 16-year-old who raped her.

Darya, who was 13 when she found out she was expecting, said it has taken her until now to have the courage to admit the painful truth.

Will vulnerable citizens be expected to risk infection to stand in line for hours at the polls? Will a drop in turnout affect the result? What if a second surge of infection sends large swathes of the country back into lockdown? The number of different ways in which the electoral process could be disrupted is dizzying, and already both sides are building narratives accusing each other of subverting democracy.

Trump has a habit of questioning election results — even when he wins. After the 2016 election that brought him to power, he cast doubt on his loss of the popular vote and appointed a now defunct committee to look into election fraud. Many Democrats also questioned the 2016 vote, alleging that Russian meddling had swung it for Trump.

The footage was filmed by investigators from animal rights organisation PETA. 

In the Philippines, workers wearing flip-flops were seen walking across blood-soaked floors and cutting up pig and bird carcasses with their bare hands.

As much of Mexico has run out of beer after factories producing liquor and beer were shut down, gangs specialising in bootleg booze are trying to take advantage of the lack of alternative alcohol sources.

Beer stocks were almost depleted within a month, and in some areas the prices of what was left doubled, according to industry sources. Many of the 53 deaths in central Puebla province have been linked to a wake where people drank moonshine containing methanol – a wood alcohol that in non-lethal doses can cause blindness and liver damage.

“Unfortunately, a lot of so-called grown-ups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way – which is why things are so screwed up.”

On Sunday morning, White House adviser Peter Navarro also responded to the speech, saying that he was glad Mr Obama had a new job as presidential candidate Joe Biden’s press secretary, before referring to the previous administration as a “kumbaya of incompetence”.