A YouTuber has been arrested for handing out boxes of rubbish to transgender women

A YouTuber has been arrested for handing out boxes of rubbish to transgender women.

Indonesian police launched a manhunt for Ferdian Paleka and his friend after they shared a video of the sick ‘prank’ online.

The whereabouts of Mr Zhang, who specialises in law, are now unknown. His friends claim he was detained in front of the gate to his residential compound in Shanghai last night and that they have not since been able to contact him.

The letter was posted on the social messaging platform WeChat on Saturday, less than two weeks before this year’s National People’s Congress, the Chinese parliament, which will convene on May 22 in Beijing. The meeting has been delayed for three and a half months because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Some of them appear ruined by the mould which reportedly grew on both leather and faux-leather display models as they were left for almost two months untouched.

Malaysia’s movement control order (MCO) started on 18 March and has been extended until 9 June.

Asked when Americans can get tested every day like his senior staff can, Trump said it would be “very soon.”

“We’re leaving that up to the governors,” Trump said when asked how Americans should feel about going back to work without more testing capacity. He then argues that some governors are going too slow to lift their restrictions.

Former transport secretary Chris Grayling said dog walkers should be allowed to go about their work, as dogs have not “quite worked out the need for social distance” when walked by their owners.

In a debate on Covid-19, he added: “Dog walking businesses are having to stop their work because the guidance does not allow dogs from different households to be mixed for safety reasons.