A wealthy dental specialist who turned his house into a “shrine”

A wealthy dental specialist who turned his house into a “shrine” to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is believed to be responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history.

Gabriel Wortman is thought to have killed his estranged wife and her new partner and 16 others during a 12-hour killing rampage through several small Canadian towns while dressed as a policeman and driving a mock police vehicle.

Germany today reported its fewest virus deaths for two weeks and its fewest cases since mid-March, although like many countries it typically sees a fall in numbers over the weekend when there are delays in collecting figures.

Elsewhere, children were today returning to nurseries in Norway, while Denmark has already re-opened some of its schools and Switzerland has set a date (May 11) to do the same.

The English Football League is to consider preventing clubs who defer the wages of their players from spending money in the transfer market.

In a move to be discussed between the league and its clubs this week, the proposal would necessitate that any money owed to playing staff be paid before a club could add to their squad or increase the collective wage bill.

Skylar Herbert was diagnosed with coronavirus in March, and later developed a rare complication of the disease and died on Sunday.

“We decided to take her off the ventilator today because her improvement had stopped, the doctors told us that it was possible she was brain-dead,” her mother, LaVondria Herbert, told the paper.

While the rats have long remained a minor part of Chinese culinary culture, they were shot into the limelight in 2018 when two young men started videoing themselves breeding the rodents.

The Nua Nong Brothers gave the unusual mammals a brand boost with recipe videos that attracted millions of views.