Disturbing photos have emerged from the inside of a Wuhan lab

Disturbing photos have emerged from the inside of a Wuhan lab showing a broken seal on the door of one of the units used to hold 1,500 virus strains – including the bat coronavirus linked to the global pandemic.

The images, which were first released by state-owned China Daily newspaper in 2018, were published again last month on Twitter before being deleted.

It does. The funeral parlour is so overwhelmed with coronavirus victims that it’s been forced to use one of these rooms as a makeshift morgue.

The bodies are lying in sealed bags in cardboard boxes, double stacked on chairs, tables and trolleys. The boxes are scrawled with the victims’ names and, in some cases, the dates when they’re due to be cremated or buried. The body of an elderly man dressed in a smart grey suit lies openly on a table.

In fact, Belgium is now considering producing a second, lower, daily total meaning it can be fairly compared with its European neighbours, the Wall Street Journal reports. 

According to the latest report by Belgium’s Federal Public Service for Health, just 49 per cent of the country’s total official deaths occurred in hospital where cases of coronavirus had been confirmed.

The number of people in hospitals with coronavirus is down to 30,610, from 30,639 on Saturday, marking the fifth consecutive day of decline, France’s health authority announced.

The number of people in ICU units has fallen from 5,833 on Saturday to 5,744 on Sunday – the country’s 11th consecutive day of decline.

Health experts have pointed to the resurgence of infections in Asian cities which may have lifted restrictions too early. “I think it’s premature,” said Arin Balalian, an epidemiologist of Iranian descent at Columbia University. “It carries a substantial risk for the disease to come back. You are going to have shoppers and labourers, and all of them are going to use public transport, which increases the risk of transmission.”

Some researchers caution that Iran’s actual numbers of dead and infected may be far higher than those promulgated by a government with a long track record of opacity and distortion.