New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has denied having any intentions to run for the White House

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has denied having any intentions to run for the White House after sparring with Donald Trump over a lack of federal assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Democrat told reporters during a press briefing on Saturday that he had “no political agenda” or plans to hold higher office after his tenure as the state’s governor.

Africa’s 54 countries have so far reported fewer than 20,000 confirmed cases of the disease, just a fraction of the more than two million cases reported globally.

Africa has recorded more than 1,000 deaths from Covid-19 so far as of today, according to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Despite that, the polls look positive for Mr Biden. A YouGov survey this week showed him on 48 per cent, five points ahead of Mr Trump. Yet his team are grappling with unanswerable questions about the shape of the remaining seven months of the campaign, unsure when their man, an old-school gladhander with a talent for empathy, will be able to campaign outside his house again.

Another negative consequence of the pandemic has been the effect on fundraising, with fewer supporters able to dip into their pockets. Mr Biden’s campaign has never been flush with cash and he barely spent any money in some of the Super Tuesday states he won. But this week’s events led to his best online fundraising figures: on Tuesday, the day Mr Obama endorsed him and the day after Mr Sanders did, he raised $2.5 million online; on Wednesday, when Mrs Warren joined in, he raised another $2.75 million.

Another 49 per cent died in care homes, while around 1 per cent of cases died at home or in other locations.

Of the deaths that occurred in care homes, 94 per cent had not been diagnosed with coronavirus but did have suspected symptoms.

A church in Bergamo that served as a temporary morgue at the height of Italy’s coronavirus epidemic “is finally empty”, the mayor said Saturday.

Where dozens of coffins once stood, nothing but flowers are left to be seen in a photograph tweeted by mayor Giorgio Gori that symbolises the easing of a crisis that has killed over 23,000 people in Italy.