America and Europe could be hit by up to four waves of coronavirus

America and Europe could be hit by up to four waves of coronavirus if it is allowed to ravage Africa, a WHO expert has warned. 

Director of the World Health Organisations’s Center on Public Health and Human Rights, Professor Lawrence Gostin warned that if Covid-19 gets ‘out of control’ in African countries, Europe and the US could see second, third and even fourth waves of the illness.

The CDC reported its tally of Covid-19 cases as of 4pm ET (9pm BST) on 14 April, compared with its count a day earlier. The figures do not necessarily reflect cases reported by individual states.

Confirmed cases worldwide top 2m. The latest numbers from Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking the spread of the virus, put the confirmed global total of cases at 2,016,020. The researchers say at least 130,528 people have died since the start of the outbreak.

While many big businesses typically contribute to leading candidates in state and national elections, the companies receiving initial funds also enjoy strong connections to the Trump administration, the group alleged: Daniel Elwell, who currently serves as a deputy administration for the Federal Aviation Administration, was previously a lobbyist for a firm representing American Airlines, while Steve Dickson, an administrator for the FAA, worked at Delta for 27 years before joining the administration.

Other airlines that donated to the president’s 2016 White House bid enjoyed early access to congressional relief funds, the watchdog group alleged, including Southwest Airlines, which donated over $125,000 to the president’s campaign and received a $3.2bn bailout, as well as JetBlue Airways, which donated $42,085 and received more than $935.8m from the funds.

In a bulletin, the health ministry said coronavirus deaths have reached 349 while total confirmed cases have increased to 5,453, keeping the Philippines as the country with the most infections in Southeast Asia.

But 58 patients have recovered, bringing the total to 353, it added.

He did not refer to Mr Trump by name at any point in the video but there was little question who he was targeting at times. “Elections matter,” he said. “Right now, we need Americans of goodwill to unite in a great awakening against a politics that too often has been characterised by corruption, carelessness, self-dealing, disinformation, ignorance and just plain meanness.”

His backing is likely to liberate his wife Michelle to campaign for Mr Biden too. Strategists believe the popular former first lady will be a huge asset to Mr Biden as he seeks to win over former Republican-voting suburban women.