An officer told a young mum breastfeeding her baby to move on as police enforced a new social distancing law

An officer told a young mum breastfeeding her baby to move on as police enforced a new social distancing law in Australia.

The mum, who was with a friend, appeared shocked and began laughing after the officer told the pair to leave the bench they were sitting on.

The meteoric rise of the radical former bartender from the Bronx, who was funded through university by her widowed Puerto Rican mother, fuelled talk that she would lead a far-left takeover of the Democratic Party as young newcomers picked off the moderate old guard one by one in primary contests.

Known popularly as AOC, she is widely credited with rescuing Mr Sanders’s presidential campaign with a series of rallies that helped him to re-emerge after his heart attack in October. However, to the consternation of some on the left, since the New Hampshire primary she has been putting a noticeable distance between herself and his fading challenge.

France is rushing to produce millions of face masks and thousands of ventilators as reliance on imports to fight the coronavirus has exposed the country’s need for ‘independence’ in producing vital medical equipment, President Emmanuel Macron said Tuesday.

‘We have to rebuild our national and European sovereignty,’ Macron said as he visited a surgical mask factory in Saint-Barthelemy-d’Anjou, near Angers in western France, where he donned a mask, coveralls and a plastic hairnet to tour the facility.

She points out, however, that so far Italy’s far-right leader, Matteo Salvini, has plummeted in the polls, while the popularity of the lawprofessor-turned-prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has risen. “In some respects, the public actually want the rational, moderate, reassuring but firm kind of leader.”

Europe has moved on from an initial me-first response, where some countries imposed export bans on vital medical kit, or put up border controls that left other European citizens stranded. Germany, Austria and Luxembourg have opened their hospitals to treat patients from the hardest-hit countries. France and Germany have donated more masks to Italy than China, according to the EU executive, which trumpeted the statistics on social media amid alarm it was losing the “the global battle of narratives” over “the politics of generosity”. In the early phase of the crisis, Russia and China sent medical supplies to Italy, while its nearest neighbours failed to immediately respond to Rome’s calls for help.

Yet their grief was compounded after they spent six days trying to find his body. After days of searching, they found he had been taken to an ice rink in Madrid, which had been made into a temporary morgue.

Families of victims in Spain tell The Independent they were not informed where the bodies had been taken.