The loyalty of Afghanistan’s military is being stretched to breaking point

The loyalty of Afghanistan’s military is being stretched to breaking point by rival claims to the country’s presidency, raising the prospect of a catastrophic civil war, according to the son of a renowned resistance hero.

Ahmad Massoud — whose father Ahmad Shah Massoud was known as “The Lion of Panjshir” for leading the fight against Soviet forces in the Eighties, and who commanded the Northern Alliance against the Taliban until his assassination in 2001 — told The Times that sectarian divides in the security forces were being widened ever further by the leadership crisis in Kabul.

The South African military has been patrolling the streets and rounding up homeless people after president Cyril Ramaphosa announced the drastic measures.  

But there were widespread signs of the lockdown being ignored this morning, with bustling streets and long queues outside shops in townships in Johannesburg where cramped conditions make social distancing near impossible.

More than 8bn tonnes of plastic has been produced since the 1950s and most has ended up polluting the world’s land and oceans, or in landfill dumps. Scientists say it threatens a “near permanent contamination of the natural environment”.

The research, published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology, identified a new strain of Pseudomonas bacteria, a family known for its ability to withstand harsh conditions, such as high temperatures and acidic environments.

“If you’re saying there’s enough, but that ‘enough’ involves following guidelines where there are a lot of risks involved, it’s misleading,” countered Pat Kane said, a registered nurse and the executive director of the New York State Nurses Association.

The union backlash comes after a photo showing Mount Sinai Health System nurses wearing bin bags as protective clothing surfaced online.

Manon agreed to speak to the Parisien newspaper, and to release a photograph of her sister, because she wanted to warn others about the risk of coronavirus to young people.

Until now, many have thought that only the elderly are in danger of dying because of the virus.