This is the disgusting moment a man ignored coronavirus fears

This is the disgusting moment a man ignored coronavirus fears, licking his fingers and scratching his genitals before smearing his hands around the inside of a lift.

CCTV footage from last Friday morning shows the young man committing the bizarre act at a metro station in Bangkok, Thailand.

The cheques of $1,200 for every adult earning less than $75,000 a year, and $500 per child, could be held up by growing obstacles to a quick vote in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. Lower amounts will be paid on a sliding scale for all those earning under $99,000.

Plans to avoid recalling the 430 representatives from around the country to Washington, rather than simply passing the bill by unanimous consent, were thrown into doubt when Andrew Cuomo, 62, the governor of New York state, appealed to his members to try to negotiate billions of dollars more.

Asked about Germany’s low death rate yesterday, Koch institute chief Lothar Wieler said the country had tested more comprehensively for the virus than other countries, meaning that many people with mild symptoms were added to the tally.

‘We are in a very early stage of the epidemic here in Germany and we were testing very early on,’ a health ministry spokesman said yesterday. 

Tarrant did not appear in the courtroom but changed his plea via video link from his Auckland prison cell. It came on the first day New Zealand went into nationwide lockdown in an attempt to control the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern said the guilty plea would be a “relief” for families.

“Then there are other sections that are very heavily affected, so there’s a big difference. I would say by Easter we’ll have a recommendation and maybe before Easter.”

He was joined in that walk-back by National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow, who told The Hill the date was “aspirational” and not “a hard and fast rule or target”.