The US has said it will cut its aid to Afghanistan by $1bn

The US has said it will cut its aid to Afghanistan by $1bn, blaming the failure of President Ashraf Ghani and his main political rival, Abdullah Abdullah, to agree on a unity government for talks with the Taliban.

A further $1bn could be cut in 2021, the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, said after a surprise visit to Kabul on Monday failed to persuade the two men to make a deal. Pompeo suggested the aid could be restored if they changed their minds.

“When I’ve made suggestions he’s taken them. He’s never countered or overridden me — the idea of pitting one against the other is just not helpful,” the doctor said in an interview with WMAL’s Morning on the Mall. “I wish that would stop and we’d look ahead at the challenge we have to pull together to get over this thing.”

Dr Fauci also warned young people and millennials they were not invincible to the novel virus, which has infected more than 42,000 Americans in all 50 states.

They are said to have also targeted stores in nearby Bass Hill and Lidcombe but left empty-handed.

Police have issued the image of two men they would like to speak to in connection with the thefts.

He added that a massive stimulus could lead to a booming recovery by the end of the year.

Voting was pushed back several times in the Senate yesterday as negotiators from the White House and both political parties talked behind the scenes to compromise on a final package. The original proposals included $500 billion for cheques to be sent to most American households in two payments of at least $1,000 per adult and $500 per child, as well as $300 billion in loans for businesses with fewer than 500 staff. It also included $50 billion in loans for the airline industry and $150 billion in loans for “other severely stressed sectors” such as hotels and cruise lines.

‘He is a “Martyr of Charity,” a saint like St. Maximilian Kolbe, who in Auschwitz volunteered to take the place of a condemned man with a family, and was killed.

‘Don Giuseppe Berardelli, patron of those who suffer from coronavirus and all who care for them, pray for us!’