Coronavirus patients have been filmed laid out on hospital beds along the corridors

Coronavirus patients have been filmed laid out on hospital beds along the corridors of an Italian hospital in a chilling clip, while military trucks have been deployed to transport scores of victims’ coffins to be cremated.   

Footage from one overcrowded Bergamo hospital showed patients lying on hospital beds which were lining the corridor of an intensive care unit.

But as Moscow and other Russian cities introduce stricter preventative measures against the coronavirus, election officials have discussed the possibility of home voting or other ways to pull off a nationwide plebiscite in a country of 140 million when health officials desperately want to reduce face-to-face contact.

“The vote is set for 22 April, but the health of the country’s citizens is most important,” said Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov. “If the growth of the epidemiological situation gives cause to reschedule then it will be done.”

The state will “always allow all grocery stores, pharmacies and other types of businesses that provide essential goods and services to Massachusetts residents to continue to operate”, the governor said at a news conference.

For many states, the pandemic has caused leaders to implement orders they strongly opposed just days ago.

Officers confiscated the dogs and have notified the dog warden. A full investigation into this incident is underway by police at Tallaght Garda Station.

All public gathering places, including parks, are closed. Pleasures are few but regular. Chief among them is watching — and sucking one’s teeth with disapproval at — the daily television rota of shame that shows footage of those who have broken the curfew: an impromptu street singing session of evangelical Gypsies; a brawl between policemen and bacchanalians at an illegal party; a dapper gent, abusing the concession that allows people to walk their dogs, taking a couple of goats for a stroll.

A collective frown appeared on Friday when television reports showed the streets of Valencia choked with cars as people headed off for the holiday of San Jose. More than 315 people have been arrested for confinement violations across the country. Tens of thousands have been warned or fined.