People across Spain have entered lockdown with a nationwide round of applause

People across Spain have entered lockdown with a nationwide round of applause, from their balconies, to show their gratitude to medical staff working on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak.

Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s prime minister, gave a televised address on Saturday night announcing measures confining residents to their homes except for essential trips outside. The options include ‘pick up shopping,’ ‘a friendly phone call,’ ‘posting mail,’ and ‘urgent supplies’.

Becky said she thought of the lovely idea as she and her husband were discussing ways they could help others. Putin, 67, was due to stand down at the end of his six-year tenure in 2024 under laws barring presidents from serving more than two consecutive terms. In 2008 he sidestepped term limits by shifting to the post of prime minister, installing Dmitry Medvedev, his sidekick, as puppet president before officially taking back full power in 2012.

If he secures a further 16 years in office, to make 36 in total, Putin would overtake Joseph Stalin, who led the Soviet Union for 29 years, and bring him almost level with Ivan the Terrible, who ruled for 37. At the height of the crisis in China in early February, Beijing health bosses were regularly reporting around 3,000 new infections a day.  

Emergency wards have been springing up across Europe as panic spreads across the continent with even France’s Emmanuel Macron calling for tougher border controls.

No such allegations have been levelled against Trump, who at the time was dating Marla Maples, the woman who in 1993 became his second wife. But his close involvement in the contest raises questions for the president. Did he know that Casablancas and others were sleeping with contestants? Why would a man in his 40s, whose main business was real-estate development, want to host a beauty contest for teenage girls?

Journalists have scoured almost every corner of the 45th president’s life, but his friendship with Casablancas, and his involvement in Look of the Year in 1991 and 1992, have been largely overlooked. Yet the competition is more than a footnote in the Donald Trump story. In time, it would prove to be the foundation of his pivot into reality TV. He even married a former Look of the Year contestant: the current first lady, Melania Trump, narrowly missed out on a trip to New York in 1992, after coming second in the Slovenian heat.