On 1 September 1991, a large private yacht cruised towards the Statue of Liberty

On 1 September 1991, a large private yacht cruised towards the Statue of Liberty. It was a clear, breezy evening, and from the upper deck of the Spirit of New York, a golden sunset could be seen glinting off the Manhattan skyline. Downstairs, a party was in flow. Scores of teenage girls in evening dresses and miniskirts, some as young as 14, danced under disco lights. It could have been a high school prom, were it not for the crowd of older men surrounding them.

As the evening wore on, some of the men – many old enough to be the girls’ fathers, or even grandfathers – joined them on the dancefloor, pressing themselves against the girls. One balding man in a suit wrapped his arms around two young models, leering into a film camera that was documenting the evening: “Can you get some beautiful women around me, please?”

The flights have been cancelled “in response to local measures introduced throughout Spain to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including the closure of bars, restaurants, shops and activities,” Jet2 said in a statement. 

“We know these local measures will have a significant impact on our customer’ holidays, which is why we have taken this decision.”

This comes after Boris Johnson introduced measures in the UK telling Brits with a cough or temperature to self-isolate for a week, as those self-isolating with mild symptoms were advised not to phone 111.

The PM also said this week there was no plan to close schools in the UK as it could do “more harm than good at this time”.

“We have just defeated a superpower,” Khalid Agha smirked. “Once the Americans have gone it will be easy to sort out the Afghan government.”

The US-driven Doha deal was based on four pillars, set loosely around a period of “reduction of violence”: the denial of Afghan territory for use by terrorist groups; a timeline for the withdrawal of all 12,000 US troops in Afghanistan within 14 months even in the absence of an ultimate peace agreement; the start of intra-Afghan dialogue between the Taliban and Afghan government on March 10; and an aspirational ceasefire.

In Russia, diggers were working into the night on a new infectious diseases clinic in the village of Babenki – reminiscent of China’s hurried hospital construction when the outbreak began. 

Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin has ordered the facility built, some 40 miles from the capital, even though Russia currently has among the fewest victims among major countries.