Coronavirus could pose a greater risk to the economy than a no-deal Brexit

Coronavirus could pose a greater risk to the economy than a no-deal Brexit, according to the former chancellor Philip Hammond.

The former Conservative MP said that outbreak had the potential to “cause similar” or “greater levels” of disruption to supply chains than a no-deal Brexit. Guests have been confined to their cabins in the latest cruise ship virus scare after a US tourist from a previous voyage died of coronavirus in California and at least four other people were infected. 

The US Coast Guard was yesterday airlifting coronavirus test kits to the cruise ship, with dozens of passengers now facing medical tests.  “To be honest I felt mentally, after the mosque attack, better than now,” al Zarzour says. Last March, he had carpooled to Al Noor with his closest friend in New Zealand, a fellow Syrian, Khaled Mustafa. He couldn’t remember what they’d spoken about.

After the shooting, al Zarzour emerged, badly wounded, from beneath the bodies of two men. Mustafa’s face was the first he saw. He had died along with his son Hamza, 16, and 42 others in the nation’s worst peacetime massacre. An issue areas across the US are experiencing is the lack of tests available. New York has commissioned for “hundreds” of coronavirus tests and intends to request many more, Mr Cuomo said. “I would test as many people as you can test, because you want to know,” he said.

The Russian missile forces – in charge of the country’s nuclear arsenal – also have a beauty contest. It’s name is Makeup Under Camouflage, complained Krasilnikova.