More than 31,000 people joined the ranks of the “ultra-wealthy” last year

More than 31,000 people joined the ranks of the “ultra-wealthy” last year as the fortunes of the already very rich benefitted from rising global stock markets and increased property prices. The number of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) – those with assets of more than $30m (£26.5m) – rose by 6% last year to 513,244, according to a report by the property consultants Knight Frank.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation has warned of a global shortage and price gouging for protective equipment to fight the deadly virus. It asked companies and governments to increase production by 40 per cent. The virus has spread to some 80 nations, with large numbers of cases in Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan. There were almost 91,000 cases globally, of which more than 80,000 were in China. Some 2,946 people have died in China, with more than 166 fatalities elsewhere.

Sopyzhanov and Nika Vasilyeva, 22, were school sweethearts but she broke up with him on the advice of her aunt after he became increasingly violent. He brutally axed the aunt to death in a fit of rage which earned him a nine year jail sentence, but was paroled after just four years for good behaviour.

Angelo Borrelli, head of the Civil Protection Agency, said that 1,000 infected people were at home with few or no symptoms and the majority of people who died were aged over 70. Due to the time lag between infection and symptoms showing, which can be 14 days, experts hope that the lockdowns and lesser restrictions on movement across northern Italy, which were imposed on February 22, will start to have an effect by the weekend.

‘This enabled two vascular recanalization therapies to be carried out, one which was thrombolysis and another which was a thrombectomy. ‘These therapies are contributing towards improving the prognosis. So far the evolution of the patient’s clinical situation is proceeding as expected. ‘