Germany has warned of the ‘start of an epidemic’ as Europe scrambles to contain a coronavirus outbreak

Germany has warned of the ‘start of an epidemic’ as Europe scrambles to contain a coronavirus outbreak spreading from Italy across the continent.  

Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, North Macedonia and the city of Athens have all confirmed their first virus cases in the last two days – all of them linked to Italy.

The injured man on the ground, whose voice is muffled, replies that he came “from Moscow”, and says, “They have my mother.” There was no immediate comment from Polish authorities. The Sweden-based Chechen rights group Vayfond described the attack as an assassination attempt.

The centre of the outbreak in Iran, the most-affected country in the Middle East, appears to be in the holy Shiite city of Qom, where a shrine there sees the faithful reach out to kiss and touch it in reverence.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “Saudi Arabia renews its support for all international measures to limit the spread of this virus, and urges its citizens to exercise caution before travelling to countries experiencing coronavirus outbreaks.

“But my sister said ‘you know what, let’s get back to the real issue’. This little fella has been bullied. How many suicides, black or white, in our society have happened due to bullying.”

“We want the money to go to community organisations that really need it.”

Mr Bloomberg admitted his own error on the use of stop-and-frisk during his years in charge of New York. “We just did it much too much and an awful lot of innocent people got stopped who didn’t have guns,” he said. “And it was my mistake, and I apologised for it.”

Questioned on non-disclosure agreements signed between his company and former female employees, an issue that led to heated confrontations with Elizabeth Warren in both of his debates, Mr Bloomberg said that most of them were to do with severance packages. He repeated his announcement from last week that he had released three women from agreements they had signed with his company which specifically concerned his own conduct.